Our Story

Signature Two Company is building and growing strong and successful businesses that enhance the lives of our valued employees, business partners, communities and our guests. Our premier Cost Cutters and Supercuts hair care salons provide high-quality, exceptional haircare and professional products, at reasonable prices across Southeastern Wisconsin.

An Engaged Employer

We are active and involved business owners, with a direct connection with every individual on the Signature Two team. We have a passion for leading this business, driven by our desire to help every employee to grow and succeed.

We provide our employees a flexible, team-oriented, proudly diverse environment filled with innovative hair care professionals who take great pride in helping others look and feel more self-assured and beautiful. Our employees are talented, creative, and motivated – always striving to learn, do, and be better than ever before.

Our salons are clean, well-equipped, and designed for the convenience of our stylists and guests. Communication, continuous improvement, teamwork, recognition, and enthusiasm for diverse perspectives are present at every Signature Two salon.

A Valuable Business Partner

Signature Two-owned salons focus on the guest experience and value. In addition to our strong, value-priced service and product offerings, we treat our guests with small, but meaningful touches such as commercial-free music, premium lobby and service seating, free bottled water, state-of-the art LED salon lighting, refreshing hot towel, free Wi-Fi, and much more. Our guests leave our salons looking great and feeling great, and they are more likely to return.

We’re bringing a fresh perspective and time-tested management practices to a market with substantial opportunity for new entrants led by thoughtful, organized, motivated and experienced principals, with emphasis on:

  • Solid planning, built on gathering and analyzing market data and financial opportunities.
  • Disciplined execution, led by project management and change management professionals.
  • Easy-to-do-business-with, providing responsive service to our guests, business partners and communities.
  • Continuous improvement. We seek guest feedback, including providing the owner’s name and personal contact information on every guest receipt.
  • Our people. We firmly believe that our investment in our People is creating the primary competitive advantage we have in serving our guests.
  • Enthusiasm to learn, from every employee, every guest, and every business and community partner, every day.
  • Technology adoption, using integrated POS systems and cloud-based storage, networked salons and information-sharing, sophisticated analytics, robust information security, and wide usage of social media.

A Community Asset

We believe that strong communities are better places for our salons, employees and guests. We support and encourage strong communities by providing meaningful employment, presenting clean and inviting locations, participating in local events, collaborating with local businesses, helping community partners, and supporting both local and industry association business development and education. Our community engagement includes

  • Participation in local business associations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Participation in Supercuts and Cost Cutters franchise and industry associations.
  • Since 2014, we’ve provided free hair color and fun activities for children of all ages at over 40 local community events including National Night Out and school fundraisers.


We are eager and excited to work with great business and community partners.  Reach out to us anytime, and let us know how we can help you.

David and Carol Hagemeier