Meet Some of Our Talented Team

April Perine, Sr Manager and Stylist

My passion is hair. I started my stylist career by renting my own chair. It was difficult to build traffic, and I missed working with a team. I joined an upscale salon, but they kept sending me over to serve guests with hair like mine. They had no idea how to help me build clientele.

Llater I joined a salon owned by a big corporation. I found the guest diversity I craved, but management was “top down” and I couldn’t contribute like I wanted to. The the salon was purchased by a local owner and everything changed. We started having fun. My input and contributions were valued. I had a “voice.”

Hard work led to managing three and now seven salons. I’m able to spend time behind a chair, and I’m responsible to help enhance the careers of 43 wonderfully talented stylists and salon managers.

We respect our guests and each other, and we train on how to earn respect by bringing our “A Game” to work every single day. The entrepreneur in me loves that I’m an important part of building and growing a strong team.

Lori, Salon Manager and Stylist

I love my job – especially the variation in every day at the salon. I love meeting new people and helping to brighten their day. Some of my guests are going through huge challenges, and I can understand their vulnerability. Sometimes I can help lighten the burden a little with a sympathetic ear and a fresh new look.

I’ve always know that I wanted to be a stylist. I can remember the first time I cut my big sister’s hair – I was four years old! Mom was unhappy, but I loved the feeling. By the time I was in high school, everyone knew I was determined to make a successful career in cosmetology.

I might be the only stylist I know that loves to do perms! I find the whole process soothing, and I can produce amazing results.

My favorite “go to” product is Paul Mitchell Fast Form styling cream. I use it with many of my guests to provide a soft hold and added texture without weighing the hair down. It’s my “magic in a bottle.

sharonSharon, Stylist

In high school, everyone kept asking me if I would do their hair. So, when it came time to choose a career, becoming a hairstylist seemed like the right fit. I earned my cosmetology license from Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

I grew up in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin when I was a teenager. I graduated from Slinger High School. Today, I live in Barton, Wisconsin, and work at the West Bend Supercuts.

My favorite part about being a stylist is the interaction I get with other people. I love it when I get to provide “customer service” and that service is appreciated.

When I’m not behind the chair, you’ll find me spending time with my two dogs. I also love walking, swimming, camping, and cooking.

Shonta, Stylist

I love listening to our guests – I learn many new things from our guests every day. I love that I can earn a living being creative and making people happy.”

I enjoy being both a stylist and being a salon manager at the same time. They are two very different responsibilities and I work hard to succeed at both.

I have a guest that comes to me with very specific requirements. If I listen to her carefully, I can make her happy every time.

Ben, Salon Manager, Technical Trainer and Stylist

I’ve been working in Cost Cutters salons almost continuously for a long time. It feels like home. I’m able to provide everything for guests with all types of hair. The quality of our work and our value prices make our salons very attractive.

I listen carefully to my guests and I focus carefully on the details. It’s easy for me to relate because I see both the guest and the service I am providing. My guests purchase a lot of professional products from me because they learn how to create a great look for themselves after they leave my chair.

Early in my career it was difficult for me when a guest shied away from a male stylist. It still happens today. But the joke is on them as I’m often the best qualified stylist in the salon.

I love being a trainer. I love helping the team learn and grow. I see shortcomings as lessons. It’s a fine balance to help but not overstep. I work hard to build relationships to make it easier to relate when training.

Santana, Salon Manager and Stylist

My mom has been my biggest supporter, and she helped me to pursue a career in cosmetology.  I’ve worked so many places, but always enjoyed it when there was an opportunity to interact with lots of people. I feel like I was meant for this career.

It’s a special challenge with a new guest tells at the start of a service, “No one has ever been able to get it right.” I’ll listen carefully and spend the time to truly understand their needs. Too many stylists rush this part. It’s all about the consultation. By the end of the service, I’ll usually hear, “You nailed it!” Not because I’m a better stylist, but because I’m a better listener.

I once had guest that told me I wouldn’t be able to cut his hair well because I’m African American, which was really weird. I said I will prove you wrong. Let me cut your hair, and if you don’t like, then I’ll pay for it. He was very picky, but I gave him the best damn haircut had has ever had. That was two years ago, and he keeps coming back to me.

Sometimes I’ll seat a guest that is struggling with self-image. I love helping them to achieve the look they want. They leave looking better, and they feel a little better about themselves. I get goosebumps every time.

Being a salon manager is special too.  I love helping my team to learn and to grow.  The best part is when my stylist knows that she or he is improving, and they come to believe in themselves even more.

Charity, Salon Manager and Stylist

I’ve been in our salon in Waukesha for over eight years. It’s special – comfortable, happy stylist team, gracious and loyal guests – I love it here. It’s a special thrill for me to be the manager, “in charge” of helping our guests and our stylists

I admire stylists that discovered their passion when they were young. After high school, I was lost and went to cosmetology school as the only one-year program I could find. The joke was on me though and I fell in love with it. I’ve been behind a chair 25 years now, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

I have a progressive condition that affects my mobility and balance. I refuse to let it stop me. When guests ask, I tell them, “All I know how to do is to get up and do it.” You play the cards you’ve been dealt. For me it’s that simple.

My pickiest guests are some of my favorites. They come back because I can deliver exactly what they want. I’ve heard so many times, “Wow, you actually listen!” It makes me smile, but it seems so obvious to me. I tell them, “Of course I listen, your stylist SHOULD listen.

Porscha Walters, Stylist

I’m always learning something new – from my guests, from other stylists, from my employer. I’m very serious about my work, and it’s important to me that others recognize my effort and the professional way I approach my work.

Too many guys that think they need to see a barber to get a great look. Wrong! Just because I’m great at other services too doesn’t mean I can’t do a mean fade!

I keep learning and growing. I hope to travel. Start a nonprofit to help bring our services to people that can’t afford the luxury. There is so much that I want to do

Allison, Salon Assistant Manager and Stylist

 A fresh new look can be a huge confidence-booster. It’s great when people walk out of our salon feeling better than when they came in. You can see it in their step and how they carry themselves.

 Hair color is very versatile and there is a lot you can do as a stylist to make it your own. The smallest change in formulation or technique can produce a big difference in the result. It’s like putting my personal sign

ature on something.

I consider myself an eager stylist. I watch everyone. I’m always interested in knowing how other stylists perform services. There is always more that I can learn.

 I’ve completed the salon manager training program through Milwaukee Area Technical College. I’ve learned a lot – how to handle situations; the difference a leader with passion can bring; how to be versatile.  I now hold a salon manaer license and I’m delighted to be a  new assistant manager.

Jonelle, Salon Manager and Stylist

I love people. I love working with people. I love that I can bring something to people’s lives while doing something that I enjoy very much.

I had followed my mom into nursing, but found cosmetology more appealing. I’m an artist at heart. It was amazing for me to learn that could earn a living by being creative while doing something that I enjoy. I love the transformations – it takes great listening, plenty of creativity, and careful work to help someone with a whole new look that they love.

Some people think of Supercuts as a low-quality place, and I know some of the Supercuts salons around us are disappointing. But the stylists in our company are some of the best in Wisconsin, and lots of practice helps us to be very good at what we do. No one works harder to make every guest happy.

I love being a manager. It’s all about helping others to learn and grow. I’m responsible for everything that happens in my salon. But I can’t hold on too tight or my stylists can’t grow and shine. It’s about finding the right balance. The company helps me with a lot of support and learning, and I’m excited about the leadership program I’m attending.

Vanessa, Stylist

I’ve learned so much. I’m listening and learning all the time. I’ve had a lot of training, and a lot of support from our other stylists. They’ve made me feel a welcome part of the team. They’re super talented and I love watching them work. It’s taken me a while to build my confidence, but I’ve gotten stronger with each service.

Most of our guests are very nice, and many are now asking for me. I love when a guest asks me questions. It makes me feel valued when I’m asked for my opinion. Some guests don’t want to be bothered with a haircut and they take it out on the stylist. But I always try to be nice to these guests too.

Melony, Salon Manager and Stylist

We work as a team, we’re busy, and I get to provide all kinds of services to guests with all kinds of hair.  I enjoy styling and color the best, because of the beautiful transformations I can achieve.

I love to make people smile and laugh.  First impressions are important and I make my new guests feel welcome and important to me.  It’s a wonderful feeling when guests return and ask for me again and again.  It makes me feel like I am important to them, and many share amazing personal stories with me.

I’m learning all of the time, from other stylists, from our guests and from study outside of the salon.  I’m sitting for my formal manager license exam in May and I know my hard work will pay off.  I used to fear failure, but not so much now as I’m part of a great team that is helping me to become successful.